The Management Planner's gimmick (USED)

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The Management Planner's gimmick (USED) Empty The Management Planner's gimmick (USED)

Post  The Management Planner on Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:17 pm

The Management Planner
aka TMP
aka Planner
aka Perfection Personified
aka The Legend Killer


240 lbs.

Heel, although some money-making schemes have made him popular with fans in the past.

His attire is stylish! Planner comes to the ring wearing a dark blue suit, crisp white shirt and red tie. He looks good. I mean, real good. Once in the ring he takes the suit off and hangs it up, leaving him in dark blue tights.

The Management Planner is a cocky heel, and is forever planning the downfall of his next opponent. His vignettes revolve around both his plans for dominance, and his real-life business. Planner answers only to the Executive Board - if the Chairman isn't happy, business could suffer.

Main catchphrase:
"You're going down...just as I've planned!"

The Management Planner has been around the block several times. After some highly-successful business ventures, including starting up and milking his own wrestling federation, he is now a man with a mission - there is some unfinished business with Father Lance Goodison, and Planner means business...

A gifted technician, he has many moves up his sleeve. He plans to make use of them all to stay at the top of the federation.

Career merits:
Cobalt Flood Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion (defeating FLG)
Battle Royal Entertainment World Eternal Champion
Classic Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion
Classic Wrestling Federation Hardcore Champion (first two-belt champ in the fed)
Time Magazine 'Businessman of the Year', 2005
New York Post 'Venture Capitalist of the Year' 2003

Trademark moves:
The Management Statement
The Audit
The Takeover

P45 (Devastating Power Slam) - The Management Planner takes the opponent into his office and gives him a roasting - executing a devastating P45!!

Financial Review (Neck Drop Pin) - The Management Planner conducts a thorough examination of the opponent's finances and finds the opponent owes him $6,205 - executing a devastating Financial Review!!

Executive Board (Sleeper Submission) - The Management Planner takes the opponent into the Boardroom and slaps on the sleeper hold executing a devastating Executive Board!!

Wrestler Picture:
The Management Planner's gimmick (USED) 1wf-gal-anchorman

Personal Trainer Picture (Ms McGhee):
The Management Planner's gimmick (USED) Personal_trainer_jenn_az
The Management Planner
The Management Planner
General Manager

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