Pre-match preparations

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Pre-match preparations

Post  tsikenonwaristak on Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:01 am

DoC walks up to Tsikenonwaristak who's doing handstand pushups grunting with every effort to push while keeping his balance. However DoC pulls a sneaky leg sweep knocking his arms out before making Tsi crash onto the floor. Tsi glares at DoC's mischievous streak. Tsi nods while sitting cross-legged.

DoC (signing/talking):
I don't know what our GM is thinking but looks like TMP wants O'gara to learn new tunes with Mad Redneck's Iron Skillet conduction. Tsi gives an puzzled look and raises an eyebrow.

DoC (signing/talking):Yeah I know it sounds odd but TMP gave Odyssey a single match against you. We might as well as learn what Odyssey have learned a thing or two from O'Gara. Focus on Odyssey for now but keep your guard up as always. What I just did to you earlier, shows me you're not fully-focused.... Keep training while I look for Tom Dudley since he's been absent a while...hhmm Catch you later kid. DoC walks off in search of Tom Dudley while Tsi resumes his handstand pushups..


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