PPV rematch

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PPV rematch

Post  elodor on Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:00 pm

Elodor is seen backstage after the annoucement for thursdays matches.

EB: Cso it seems that not only does the GM not feel you are worthy of facing either me or Bliss this thurday let aloneboth of us, it seems he doesnt feel youare even worthy of competing, maybe you'll have better luck next week.

Now I see my opponent is none other than the constrictor, the man who beat me at the last PPV, well constrictor some people would be claiming you got lucky or that I underestimated you but the truth is you beat me fai and square, you are a tough competitor and many people around here would fear facing you.

As for the match this thursday will the result be same? I dont know, will I beat you this time? I dont know, what I do know is this. We have the opportunity to steal the show, last time we had a great match, this time I could mean big things for one of us, surely we cant be looked over for he big opportunities for long if we keep putting out matches like last time.

So Constrictor I say this, Good luck may the better man win, And I look forward to getting the victory this time round


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