Pre Match Interview

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Pre Match Interview

Post  The Xecutioner on Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:07 am

Alyssa Tyler is with The Xecutioner before his match against Mr. Fogels.

Tyler: What are your thoughts for this match against debutant Mr. Fogels?

X: Alyssa, I dont know who this guy is. I'm sure he is just a guy that has been just came out of the dump. But no, lets get to the point. He, I dont know who he is or what he is, but for sure I want to win. If I lose to him then when I face Wrecking Ball I will have little confidence.

Tyler: Do you think this is a good opportunity to try and prove the crowd that you have the ability to take down The Mad Redneck?

X: This, a good opportunity. Well, if this season is a great one then I dont know what will happen. Wrecking Ball will now prove to be a stronger competitor as he is now in the Heavyweight Division.

Tyler: What do you think will happen this season?

X: Well Imsure I've answered this question before from Bill, but Im sure this season will be the best season yet. I dont think you can get a better fed than this. I hope we can move through the ranks. Planner has been an excellent GM for me and everyone, he can prove how clever he is.

The Xecutioner leaves backstage to get ready for his match.

Tyler: Well there you go. X has, erm. Oh well.

The camera goes straight back to the commentators.

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