Fury Is On The Horizon

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Fury Is On The Horizon

Post  Mask of Fury on Thu Jan 22, 2009 6:48 am

"Wild" Bill Bronson is backstage with Rey Maestro and Mask of Fury. "Well here we are again fans, I'm here with the Asylum Champion Mask of Fury and his mentor Rey Maestro. Mask, Rey, I would like to get your thoughts on your tag match tonight."

"Ah, so the Management Planner has decided to book Mask in a tag match with the Hardcore Champion la meako as his partner. The opponents: the so-called Impact Players. Liberty Rock and Somahkawahho. A proven and established tag team trying to become singles competitors against two singles' champions. This should be interesting. As always, Mask is prepared. We have no doubt in our minds that la meako will bring his A-game. No doubt at all, homes. The question is will the Impact Players bring theirs?"

"Last season, Soma earned a title shot against Mask. When can we expect to see that match?"

"Anytime he wants. We're not picky. Mask is always training and always ready for a challenge. So when the time comes, Fury will reign supreme. Eschucame Soma, this is just the first taste of Fury you'll get. You've got some help in your brother tonight, but Mask isn't alone either. Be ready, Fury is on the horizon..." Mask and Rey leave for the ring.

"And there you have it. The vocal Rey Maestro and the silent, but deadly Mask of Fury are ready both for tonight's barnburner of a tag match and the coming title defense against the number one contender, Somahkawahho."

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Re: Fury Is On The Horizon

Post  Guest on Thu Jan 22, 2009 10:24 am

"Wild" Bill Bronson is walking around back stage looking for some more people to interview. A couple of moments go by and he walks pass the Impact Players locker room. He stops and looks at the door deciding on if he is going to knock on the door or not. The camera man nudges Bronson towards the door,so he can knock on it. Bronson finally decides to knock on the door. A few seconds go by and Liberty Rock opens the door.

Liberty:~~: Well,Well,Well... Look at who we have here... It "Wild" Bill Bronson himself. Let me guess you want to interview us for tonight's match huh?

Bronson:~~: Yes, Yes I sure would Liberty...

Liberty:~~: Well make it quick.. My brother is in his pre match ritul area right now. He should be back in a few minutes. But until then I guess you can interview me..Unless you rather just wait until my brother comes back.

Bronson:~~: No.. I can interview you while we wait for Somahkawahho to come back. Now I know you two have been training really hard lately for your up and coming singles match.. But have you two done any tag training in the process?'

Liberty:~~: What kind of dumb question was that Bill?.... Of course we have been training for tag matches to. Why would we stop? Just because we are trying to win some singles titles. That does not mean that we are not still training for matches like these. Especially this one when my brother and I face the Asylum and Hardcore champ's. Those are the two titles that my brother and I are currently seeking to win. So tonight should be a good test to see where we are at matched against each other. Mask and La Meako are both great champions. But it is time for there title reigns to end, Yes it will not happen tonight. But if I know my brother. He plans on doing what ever damage he can to Mask tonight. He was telling me something about trying to break something on his body or some stuff. Maybe just stoner talk....

As Liberty says something about stoner talk. Somahkawahho comes walking into the door. Somahkawahho walks through the door, Stops and looks up with his blood shot eyes and notices "Wild " Bill standing in his locker room talking to Liberty.

Somahkawahho:~~: Wow this is a big surprise.. "Wild" Bill himself here in my locker room trying to get his first interview with the Impact Players.. So what took you so long to finally and come interview us "Wild" Bill?.. Have you finally noticed that Liberty and I are not the weak wrestlers that you took us for?

Bronson:~~: Um.. What? Have I ever said that?

Somahkawahho:~~: Maybe or maybe not.. It is kinda odd when we start making a name for ourselves outside of the tag ranks. The all mighty "Wild" Bill comes and interview's us. Anyway while I was in my own little spot here hiding in the Asylum. I just so happened to have a tv with me and I watched what Mask and La Meako had to say about us... Well first of all let me clear something up here real quick.. Soooo sorry that I thought you two have tagged up before against us. You know the whole short term memory lose thing... maybe its that whole wearing a mask thing "Hahaha".. Anyway it does not matter that much to me either way. The outcome will still be the same either way.. Now after I have said that "Wild" Bill you need to leave. You do not need to interview us anymore. I have some last minute stuff I want to go over with my brother. So time for you to leave. Oh yea if you ever need some more of that stuff. Just let me know I am always here to take some money from you.

"Wild" Bill and the camera man leave the room, As Somahkawahho leans towards Liberty to speak to him about tonight's match.


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