Year of the Snake

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Year of the Snake

Post  Constrictor on Thu Jan 22, 2009 6:07 pm

Ray Gotti leans against the wall of a training gym, watching Phil "The Drill" Thompson instructing The Constrictor, holding hand targets as the small man fires shots at them.

"Wild" Bill Bronson signals for his cameraman to start filming.

"Ray, your boy there has a match coming up in the first show of the season. Any thoughts?"

"Yeah, Bill. This is gonna be The Constrictor's season. Ya see, this here's the Year of the Snake-"

"Actually, it's the Year of the Ox. Besides, The Constrictor's not even Chinese."

Ray Gotti rolls his eyes.

"I know that, Bill, I ain't an idiot. But it's the Year of the Snake here in the CWF. You just watch- he's gonna come out strong. He's the Number One Contender for the Ultimate X title, you know."

"His first match is against Elodor Bloodmane, whom he defeated at the last Pay-Per-View by Flying Headbutt. Elodor's a tough opponent."

"The Flyin' Mayan, that's what they've been callin' him since that knockout blow. I'm tellin' you, there ain't no stoppin' my boy!"

Gotti breaks out into an impromptu rap.

"Don't mess with Snake or you'll submit, you'll start to ache, he'll make you quit-"

Bronson winces and covers his microphone.

"Uh, Ray, leave the music to Manogre. His music's not to everyone's taste, but that ... that was just painful."

Bronson signals for the cameraman to stop filming, and the pair depart. Thompson pauses momentarily as the reporter leaves, then speaks quietly to The Constrictor.

"This'll be a harder match than Gotti imagines. Elodor's tough, no doubt. You can take him, but don't get cocky. Now get those hands up!"


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