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Future plans

Post  Manson O'Gara on Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:20 am

Alyssa Tyler is walking about the hallways in the backstage region of a local showing, when she bumps into a very very drunk Manson O'Gara. He is carrying a half drunk bottle of wine, and looks like he has been crying.

Alyssa: Manson...I...I never thought Id see you like this for quite a while! I mean, I did see you like this that one good time when you let your guard down for just a moment and I took you back to my place, but I'm sure you swore "never again!" I was sure I wouldn't see you this drunk!

Manson: Come on Alyssa *hick* this is why I never liked *hick* taking on interviews without *hick* chocolate! You can talk for hours, and hours, and hours, and hours...

O'Gara stops for a while and takes a few deep breaths.

Alyssa: hey you feeling OK?

O'Gara looks at her.

Manson: I'm feeling fine. Just drowning my sorrows for not being the heavyweight champion. Would have been nice I suppose...

manson o'gara suddenly breaks into tears. Alyssa comforts him

Alyssa: don't worry yourself too hard, you fought well, you proved to us all that you have it within you to do great things! I thought at one stage that the match was yours, had you not been distracted...

Manson O'Gara picks up his guitar.

Manson: manogre wouldn't have lost that match... why did I have to go and change my persona...

Alyssa: It's OK, infact...I like the new you! He's far more...far more realistic!

Manson O'Gara looks to the floor and burps realy loud

Manson: Your right, at least I have a chance to make a statement with the tag titles.

O'Gara walks away, or at least trys to. he walks in a very curved line towards the main exits, falls over a few times, sits down for a breather, then asks Alyssa for help. She obviously gives him some, before trying to go in for the kiss, but O'Gara once again missreads the signals and falls asleep. Alyssa just leaves him, and walks away.
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