A Divine Airtime

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A Divine Airtime

Post  Guest on Sun Jan 25, 2009 7:30 pm

Hypnos: We're on? Good. Hello everybody, this is your god, Hypnos. Classic Wrestling Federation asked me to get an interview with the a-hole cowboy or the brainless chick, so I asked myself: "Which one should I choose?". It didn't took long to realize the best choice is not to grant an interview with any of them, but to say what I want to say, no questions asked or answered. Deal with it.
So, next show I'll have my premiere, good for you, tagging with a loser and beating another couple of losers. And one of them is even a rejected one! Well, being rejected and, at the same time, being a loser, joining the fact he is just another mortal...that must be nice!

Hypnos chuckles a bit.

Hypnos: So, my point is: why is CWF afraid of revealing the divine star power I have? I deserve the opportunity to shine, not to be in non-sense matches! How will I enter Olympus if I do not have a chance to prove to the other gods I am capable of dealing with the best an human can give?

Hypnos looks at his watch, an Rolex counterfeit.

Hypnos: I think I've said enough, goodbye and...Sweet Dreams.


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