tagging with tom

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tagging with tom

Post  Manson O'Gara on Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:29 am

Manson O'Gara storms in to TMP's office, carrying with him the match card for thursday night.

O'Gara: Planner, I know you have a busy schedule, and I know you do your job very well, but this is wrong! I am ment to be partnering O.D. it's the way it has been since I joined the tag race. I think you may have had a little typing error when you wrote this up...

Planner spins on his chair to face Manson. He looks over the match card, then shakes his head.

Planner: no this is correct. After last weeks title match, I thought I would mix things up a bit. Matches around here could be critisised as being...2 dimensional. This will put a boost to the ratings and is good for the tag team title chase.

O'Gara: ok, ok fair enough. but why have you put my on the same side as Dudley. As far as I see it, he cost me my match against Redneck. If anything I want to be able to level the score.

Planner: That O'Gara, is why you are a 2 dimensional thinker. I on the other hand thought of that, then thought about stirring it up abit. Plus if I remember rightly you and Tom were friends before all this. Maybe you just need some form of, compromise...

O'Gara looks down at the matchcard, takes a deep breath, and nods his head.

O'Gara: OK...whatever you want boss
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