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Post  Cso Hardy on Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:03 am

Hardy enters the ring with a mic in his hand, the crowd starts to cheer for him:

HERO!!! HERO!!! HERO!!!!

Hardy: Please stop!! please settle down, settle down.....I've got a couple of things to say: First of all I had my first match in this season....against my brother.... After beating him and getting fired I did my first act as a hero!! I saved CWF from an illness called Bardey!! As from now THE Brothers Of Destruction is no more!!! Bardey is no more!! And my name will not be mentioned with Bardey's name, he brought shame to me because of him I almost was fired!!!! So I proved to my fans and to my fellow wrestlers that I have changed!! I'm a HERO now!!! i hope that Elodor was watching this and now he respects me as I deserve it
Cso Hardy
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Post  elodor on Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:05 pm

Cso, you think beating Bardey means you deserve respect? You have not changed you do not claim to be a hero you do not demand respect. Both of those titels are earned.

I ask myself everyday if I Am A Monster? I I am a Freak? or If I am a Hero?

I can never answer that question as I know I have done some dubious things in the past and I try to make amends, to claim to be a hero is as arrogant as ever for you.

Demanding my respect because you beat your brother, been there done that, its not a hard challenge, I'm not sure if anyone here in the CWF has lost to Bardey so it proves nothing.

Besides all that you were in that match because TMP PUT you in that match, you didnt take it upon yourself to change Bardey's ways, you didn't take it upon yourself to remove Bardey from the CWF, you were forced to do it, you were given no other option unless you wanted to be fired yourelf.

So to do the things that TMP made you do turns you suddenly into a hero and deserving of respect just shows how little you have really changed and that this is all a front. You wont be able to keep this act up and when you let it slip, when these fans relise that they mean nothing to you and that you have deen decieving them, well then I will be there and mark my words on that day



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