Eddie and Somabody is Gonna Get Hurt

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Eddie and Somabody is Gonna Get Hurt

Post  eddie.hawkins on Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:27 pm

Ray Gotti stands in the middle of the ring, Eddie Hawkins standing beside him, a microphone hanging from the ceiling.

RG: "Somawhosawhatsit! If you're a real man, come down here!"

He waits several seconds, but nothing seems to happen. He begins to chant in a singsong voice.

RG: "Come out, come out, wherever you are ..."

Several more seconds pass, and he grabs the microphone.

RG: "Soma, you're not a real man. Now, I understand not coming down if it was The Mayan Maniac standin' here, but it's Hawkins! C'mon, you ain't even man enough to face him? Guess what? You gotta face him in the next show, capice? Even Hawkins is gonna put a hurtin' on ya."

Eddie Hawkins comes running out of the tunnel and down to the ring. He rushes across to Gotti and pushes him out of the middle of the ring. Gotti quickly scrambles out of the ring as Eddie grabs the microphone.

EH: "Ray! I've told you that you are NOT my manager. Now get out of here before I drop you like a bad habit."

Gotti slowly starts backtracking towards the tunnel.

RG: "Eddie my boy, you're nottin' without me. Ya gonna regret this ya hear? You'll come around... just you wait!"

Eddie makes a motion like he is going to jump out of the ring and Ray can be seen running to the back. Eddie turns back around to the crowd.

EH: "I hate to agree with Gotti though, but Soma... you're a nobody. You're just another bump in the road on my way to glory. On to better news though, next week I have a whole new contest planned for our audience and I can't wait to share it with you. So make sure you get your tickets for the show next week because one of YOU out in the audience might be the lucky winner."

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