An interesting conversation with J and Bob.

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An interesting conversation with J and Bob.

Post  J Mysterio on Thu Jan 29, 2009 10:35 pm

J Mysterio and Bob are in the locker room and are having a conversation when a cameraman spots them and starts recording.

Bob:"J it's not that I think you can't live up the other CWF superstars but..."

Bob is stopped in mid-sentence by J.

J:(angrily)"Bob I'll tell you this now I didn't have to fight DoC in the tourney but it was you saying 'Oh go on J it will be easy keep low and be fast' but it didn't work did it? I'll ive you something to think about... the next time I lose a match on tuesday's or thursday's show I will let the winner REMOVE MY MASK!"

J spots the cameraman..."Get out of here!!!" J throws a chair at the camera and busts it.
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