The Student became the teacher?

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The Student became the teacher? Empty The Student became the teacher?

Post  Manson O'Gara on Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:32 pm

Manson O'Gara gets up out of bed. He is wearing his standard rockstar pj's with little guitars dotted about. There is an ice pack by his head, and his leg is taped up, but it doesnt look too serious. He stumbles over a few "drunkards" who are asleep in his living room, and logs online.

He follows links to ClassicWrestling homepage, and sees the headline.

The Student becomes the teacher.

during last nights live show 0dysseu5 provided the upset by pinning his tag partner Manson O'Gara after a long fought tag match. The pair were both in winning ways until a few weeks ago where they were beaten in the tag team finals by the underdogs. Last week both saw individual losses, and now it seems that 0dysseu5 has got the upper hand on his more veteran partner. The match swayed back and forth, but it was clear that 0dysseu5 knows O'Gara far better than O'Gara knows him, as 0dysseu5 put the beat down on his partner and didnt realy let him get started.

what fans want to know is whether 0dysseu5 has now leapfrogged his partner in terms of reputation at Classic Wrestling. When asked on his views on the issue, O'Gara claimed "I don't wanna talk about itssss *hick* but I knowsss that he is training a lot harder than i am right now *hick*...give it time and...and...I'l be back to winning ways! *hick* Did I tell you I love you man....?"

O'Gara logs out of the web browser.
O'Gara: I don't remember there being a reporter here last night? But i suppose that explains that journalist over there...
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