Redneck Shows up for Tuesday's Show

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Redneck Shows up for Tuesday's Show Empty Redneck Shows up for Tuesday's Show

Post  The-Mad-Redneck on Sat Jan 31, 2009 7:19 am

The Mad Redneck walks slowly to the ring. He seems to be a bit wobbly from Thursday’s Show. He retrieves a microphone from the announce table, and climbs into the ring.

The Mad Redneck: I am here tonight to let all my fans know that Thursday’s match against Bill Colt was rougher than I had thought. The medical staff of the CWF informed me after the match that I have suffered a concussion, and a partially dislocated shoulder.

The Crowd is in an uproar. They begin to cheer “Champ” Champ”

The Mad Redneck: I know what you all are thinking, “Can he really survive another match this coming Thursday?” I am here to tell you that against the doctor’s advice I will compete Thursday. I will call out another wrestler from the back to go for the Brass Ring once again. I wanted to let my fans know the situation to stop any rumors that might be floating around. Once I get through the little competition I have set forth for myself, Bill Colt you will have to answer for the underhanded sneak attack. You have bit off more that you may be able to chew. You will have to face me again sometime in the near future, and when you do it may be your last match in the CWF. Remember don’t poke the big dog unless you are ready to see the teeth.

The Mad Redneck drops the mic, and leaves the ring.

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