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Not Going Quietly

Post  Mr. Fantastic on Sun Feb 01, 2009 7:37 pm

(Mr Fantastic walks over to a chair for an interview with Alyssa Tyler. The set looks as if it has been thrown together at the last minute before the show)

Mr. F: Pleasure to be here Alyssa

Alyssa: Pleasure to have you, now let's get straight into it

Mr. F: Look before we start, I have a question, I've seen you making the rounds in the dressing room, First "the womanizer" then Manson and now Planner tells me he didn't know a thing about this interview before the show! Something tells me you set this up... you're not going to try any of that funny stuff on me?

*Alyssa looks down shyly as if she has set up the whole thing*

Alyssa: Well you are single.... and you did beat up my boss...

Mr. F (speaking over top of Alyssa): be that as it may, I would like to get on topic and talk about my fellow combatants

Alyssa (snapping out of a daydream): oh ofcourse

We have 4 great threats left, but let me get one thing straight, I'm here on my own merits and I have proven I derserved to be with the top dogs. I'm not going to lie... when I go out there against Tommy Hart, I intend to show off. I intend to continue making an impact and getting the attention of all who have forgotten about my skill. Beating the fastest rising star in the CWF will certainly do that and I will pull out all the stops to make sure that happens.

When you look at this tournament, we have such a wealth of talent... but after picking out the Cream of the Crop who can you turn to to carry the load of the CWF after those top dogs get put down. (crowd boos) I see only one remaining option for our GM and that's me. After all...

I'm not great, I'm Fantastic

Alyssa: (staring intently): Wow... oh right (composing herself) well, folks there you have it, Mr. Fantastic has certainly... made his message clear here tonight, Can he back the talk up?

(Camera fades to black)

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