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Post  Tommy Hart on Sun Feb 01, 2009 7:53 pm

Tommy come here,i have just heard that you are facing Mr.Fantastic in the semi finals of the Apprentice tourny..say's Bobby.

Tommy looks at Bobby and shrug's so what? Just another guy put in front of me...

Listen kid this guy has beaten the Gm in a cage your in serious trouble this time.

Bobby,Bobby you always say that before every fight (yawns) it's getting boring. Do you forget i'm still undefeated here?

I'm gunning for this guy just like the rest,by the way Bobby who is in other semi.

Bobby look's at list oh it's two old guy's called Doc and Killer Nurse.

Tommy laugh's what are those two doing playing doctor's and nurse's ha ha

Bobby think's if Kn win's and Tommy too it could be very interesting,just then his mobile goes.
He answers call and starts to feel sick as it's the Medicial team with the results of the dna test.Ok i will be right over,he tells Tommy to keep on with his training as his fight is tomorrow

Bobby leaves him to travel to clinic....
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