Nearly a chance to fix things

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Nearly a chance to fix things Empty Nearly a chance to fix things

Post  Guest on Sun Feb 01, 2009 8:10 pm

Killer Nurse is sitting taking a break from his routine to ponder the Apprentice Championship Semi finals

Killer Nurse v Doc

Tommy Hart v Mr.Fantastic

What a final four,two golden oldies and a punk kid,along with a Gm beater.The line up is awesome to say the least.

This could be life changing for any of us especially me or Tommy,if i can get past Doc and by some miracle Tommy wins.Then finally i can make amends for what i did or if i wish i could crush Bobby's dream of training a champion.

Anyhow back to Doc i hope you did your rounds as i'm about to do my medicine round and it's time for your medicine ha ha.

KN get's up and lift's his steel chair and starts pounding the punchbag with it while laughing madly


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Nearly a chance to fix things Empty DoC's path to Finals

Post  tsikenonwaristak on Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:46 am

Alyssa and her cameraman are seen running as the camera is focused on Alyssa then slowly downward to a good bottom viewing. However an exclamation echos and it came from Alyssa herself.

Alyssa: Hey you're not paid to fawn over my figure and be professional! I know I am pretty but it does not mean you can be the one to gawk on my petite figure. Focus on the job! Let's look and try to find where is DoC at... Another yelp and sounds of water splashing. We see a wall made of glass where we can see what's happening inside the Olympic-sized pool. Two figures are clearly doing a contest of water pressure splashing yet it's like a focused fire hose. The camera moves upon Alyssa's gawking look before she realized she is on camera.

Alyssa: Wow!!! so such animal fury! How is that possible? EEEEEEEEKKKK!K!!

As Alyssa screamed. The camera zoomed on where she was looking and recoiled as a imposiing figure was slammed back to the glass wall violently! The figure slowly slided down and looked like it was in pain but it clearly looked like it had the wind knocked out of it. A smaller figure jumps onto the floor from the swimming pool whose water level apparently is lower than normal. The camera focuses on his face...

Alyssa: Oh oh!!! that's DoC!! Wait! that must be Tsi! Did we just witness one of the spectular practices? Oh hey DoC can you tell us a bit about your next match?

DoC walked over to check on Tsi who clearly was grinning when he got up and walked to the showers after DoC gives him the thumbs up.

DoC: (sign/talk) Hello Alyssa, I see that you are ambitious as ever. Pardon the water war action, What can I do for you, young lady?

Alyssa (blushing): Aw! still a charmer as always! What are your thoughts on the next match against that *shivers* Killer Nurse as your next opponent?

DoC: Mm-hmm, Killer Nurse has a strange aura about him. I cannot say how the match would unfold. I do not doubt that Killer Nurse's ambitions to reach the finals.

Alyssa: Would the match be what you expect?

DoC: something tells me it is not going to be a clean match. I am curious how the GM would respond to any interference because I fear GM has greater ambitions than I forsee at this point. Young lady, I need to take my leave and prepare myself for Killer Nurse. Good day.

Alyssa: Oh okay! Best of Luck! umm Call me!! *giggle*

The camera fades while focusing from Alyssa's dreamy look onto her booty before we hear her yelling "STOP THAT!!!


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