Match Against the Next Opponent

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Match Against the Next Opponent

Post  The-Mad-Redneck on Thu Feb 05, 2009 6:44 am

The Mad Redneck walks slowly to the ring. Everyone can tell that he is still hurting from the beating he received from Bill Colt last week. He makes his way to the announce table, and gets a mic. He enters the ring.

The Mad Redneck: Well, you know why I am here. I am going to defend my title tonight as promised. The question is who will be the lucky wrestler in the back. I think I am going to give the shot to Elodor. So lets get this started. Elodor if you want a shot at the brass ring come on down and go for the Brass Ring.

The Mad Redneck drops the mic, and awaits the answer.

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Re: Match Against the Next Opponent

Post  elodor on Thu Feb 05, 2009 11:27 am

Elodor accompanied by the Blood Queen walk down to the ring, He walks straight up to the Mad Redneck picks up the mic and looks Red in the face

EB: Red I have a lot of respect for you after all you have achieved here, and we all remember how at the begining of the season I said I wasnt ready to fight you yet, but I have been training hard and with you carrying that injury you may have just made your biggest mistake.

Its time that title was around my waste

Elodor drops the mic and turns his back to Redneck and walks to the corner whilst the Blood Queen drops down off the apron to watch from ringside


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