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Post  eddie.hawkins on Thu Feb 05, 2009 8:14 pm

The lights go dim and shine to the entrance but there is no one there.

EH: "Ahem..."

The spotlights flip to the ring where it appears that Eddie had made his way to through the crowd.

EH: "Right-O folks. Sorry for the confusion, but your favorite wrestler is here."

The crowd is rather quiet. Eddie taps his microphone to ensure that it is on.

EH: "No one sees Gotti right? Alright, on to business. I've been on a losing streak lately and I personally blame Ray Gotti. He has totally thrown me off my game. Well, tonight I'm taking out my aggression on School House Rock with my very own After School Special. What? His name isn't School House? Really? Just Liberty Rock? Well, either way. I'm going to ring Liberty's bell tonight."

The crowd starts to buzz a little. Eddie can be seen dropping a bunch of cards into his Fedora.

EH: "On to my promise for this week. I have on these cards the names of some guests in the audience tonight. I'm going to have Jimbo over here draw one for the prize. Come on Jimbo and draw a name..."

Eddie leans over and extends the Fedora towards Jimbo. He draws a card from the hat and sort of stares at it for a moment.

JJ: "The name is Howard Ogren. Wait, Eddie... this is their driver's license. Where did you get this?"

EH: "Jimbo, never mind where I got it. However, good news bad news for Howard. The good news is that you just won ringside tickets to the PPV courtesy of Ray Gotti. Please see him for your 8 tickets for your friends and family. The bad news is that your credit card has been declined. Well, it looks like we're ready for... who is it again... oh... you sure.... alright... Liberty Bell... no? Rock... Liberty Rock to come on down and for me to STEAL THE SHOW!"

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