No Whining over Spilled Milk

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No Whining over Spilled Milk

Post  The-Mad-Redneck on Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:28 pm

The Mad Redneck is headed to physical therapy no doubt to relieve some of the pain from recent matches. “Wild” Bill Bronson approaches Redneck before he heads into his therapy session.

“Wild” Bill: Hey, Red you got a few minutes before you go into the training room?

The Mad Redneck: Yeah, I guess.

“Wild” Bill: So, your recent loss of the Heavyweight Title on Thursday’s Show has to be a let down for you?

The Mad Redneck: Yes it was. I take nothing away from Elodor Bloodmane. He did what he had to do with the situation that presented itself to him. If the roles were reversed, then I would have accepted the chance to win the title also. My hats off to him. He had what it took to wrestle the title away from me Thursday. I will however be coming for my title again soon.

“Wild” Bill: Speaking of title shots. You realize that you are scheduled at the PPV Heaven or Hell to face Planner in a No. 1 Contender’s match. Your thoughts?

The Mad Redneck: Planner has been doing what he has needed to do to stay on top of his game. He however knows that on his best day he couldn’t beat me. I guess he has devised the perfect plan to get another shot at the title I whopped him for. He wants a No. 1 contender match against me when I am a bit scuffed up. Well, that is fine by me. He knows me well enough to know that I will be there with bells on, and that he will get my best. I guess in his mind he thinks that now that I am a bt banged up that he will have an easy road to the title. HA HA, let him keep believing that, and once again he will be staring up at the lights.

“Wild” Bill: Well, what about newcomer Bill Colt. You have said that you will be looking for a bit of revenge for his actions during your match.

The Mad Redneck: I will be, and he knows it. I have Planner to worry about first. I will take care of Mr. Colt when I think he needs the attention. He might better just remember to keep looking over his shoulder, because I might just be standing there with a chair of my own. Well, Bill it is time for my therapy. Tell Planner I will be ready for our match, and that he better be ready.

“Wild” Bill: Well, there you go folks. Planner better be wary….he has a Mad Redneck to contend with at the PPV.

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