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I was Robbed Empty I was Robbed

Post  Tommy Hart on Sat Feb 07, 2009 6:21 pm

Quickly get a camera backstage Tommy Hart has gone crazy,he is wrecking the locker room area.As the crew reach the area they need to duck for cover as a trash can goes flying over their head's.....

Bobby is there trying to calm Tommy down....

Tommy is paying no attention to him or the secruity men until he spot's the camera and he begin's to rant into it....

Out of my way Bobby i want the world to know that i got screwed in my last match with Mr.Fantastic, i was wiping the floor with him and all of a sudden two moves later and a quick refree count.I'm out of the Apprentice Championship Tourament,bang went my undefeated streak along with my chance to finally win something in this fed.
Now to cap it all off i have been ordered to partner a nobody in tag action next tues night.

The Mechanic???? Who in blue blazes is that?? Well listen up Mechanic you better be ready to fight just on the off chance i may need you against Hungry Hippo and a Star Wars freak.
Although i very much doubt it but i may just tag you in to see just what you have got...

Now camera man get outta my face if you want to earn a living this week....

Tommy watches the crew leave while Bobby just shakes his head and think's now just isn't the right time to tell him about the result's of the dna test.
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