Toughest Test yet

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Toughest Test yet

Post  Guest on Sat Feb 07, 2009 6:33 pm

Steven is sitting in his home watching television when his phone goes

After a very brief chat with an official he now know's his next opponent....

Dang,my toughest test to date The Patriot,well all i can do is try,as they say god loves a trier so maybe The Management Planner will too.This guy has fought many matche's here and even teamed with former champ The Mad Redneck,a dream for the like's of little old me.
Wonder if i will even get a slap in and will my family use this against me.

Huh wouldn't surprise me,they may not even bother watching,right time to go to training,hmmm think i need a manager to help me if the competition is hotting up....


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Post  Guest on Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:36 pm

Hypnos rises his hand in front of Steven's face, telling him to stop.

Hypnos: Did I just heard what I think I heard? You are saying that prick is you toughest competition yet? What? Are you on drugs, kid? That MUST be it, 'cus I am better than that guy by a l long shot! You just had the chance to team up with an average mortal and it was I the one who got a despicable peasant! Well, kid you are about to receive the biggest offer you may ever get: what about, however you match with The Patriot - a.k.a. a dumb*ss that thinks USA rules - ends, you and me, mano-a-ultamano, mortal-vs-god, next week?

Hypnos's phone starts to ring.

Hypnos: Well, that must be Ms. Jessica Alba, YOU answer me as soon as possible, but think about it...mortal.

Hypnos answers the phone and goes to a separate division.


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Post  The Patriot on Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:36 pm

Wild Bill catches up with the patriot while the patiot is in the middle of training...

WB: Hey pat... u seen the card for this tuesday?

Pat: Sure have, im facing some jobber names steven...I hear he thinks he is going to get beat so bad he does not even want his parents to watch and he is right, and if he parents do decide to watch well then i guess i should just say sorry for what im going to do to him tuesday... But thats not what bothers me... at least he showed respect unlike the idiot hypnos... eah i heard what you said about me and my country... you really think ur a god... the only thing u are god of is the good of the jobbers, the god who can do nothing but brag about how much he sucks... ur nothing but a joke at best... ill take u on anytime and anywhere to give u a good ol partiotic slam and a classic American ass whoppin! GOD...not u hypnos ur just a wanna be god... BLESS AMERICA!!!

Camera fades out

The Patriot

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Re: Toughest Test yet

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