Stealthy Vs J Mysterio Tuesday Night at The Asylum

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Stealthy Vs J Mysterio Tuesday Night at The Asylum Empty Stealthy Vs J Mysterio Tuesday Night at The Asylum

Post  Guest on Mon Feb 09, 2009 8:57 am

Larry Robinson Stands Back Stage Next To The New Star By The Name Stealthy.The Interview Starts.

Larry Robinson: Well Here We Are Folks Live At Tuesday Night at The Asylum...Let Me Introduce A New Star To The CWF...I Got A Feeling This Man Is Going Is Going To Turn Some Heads Around Here...Stealthy How Are Ya?

Stealthy: You Know Larry Im Doing Great....Tonight I Show The World...That I'm The Man!
J Mysterio! You Pal Have Done Fell Off Your Rocker And Bumped Your Head...And You Know Why Larry?

Larry: No Stealthy I..I Dont.

Stealthy:Because J Mysterio's A Stupid Guy Thats Why! lol Tonight Pal You Face The Man...The One And The Only... Real Champion You Will Ever See In The Sport Of Wrestling! Elodor Bloodmane The Classic Heavyweight Champion....Mask of Fury The Asylum Champion....And la meako The Hardcore Champion! Those Guys Are Chumps!lol Woooooooo! Can You Dig That Larry?

Larry Robinson:Well Now I Hear Ya Stealthy But I Dont Think They Would Agree!

Stealthy Looks At Larry And Grabs His Mic And Stares At The Camera.

Stealthy: Listen Up! I'm Here And I'm Ready...And The World Is Watching! J Mysterio Your The First Of Many To Get Your Head Kick In.. By The Best Of The Best! The Real Man Is Here And Their Is Nothing Anyone Can Do To Stop Me! Because My Friend After Tonight When You Wake Up In The Hospital... Your Going To Ask Your Self...Why Am I A Failure? And Why Did I Go Up Against The Greatest Wrestler Of All Time! Woooooooooo! It's Party Time!

Stealthy Throws Down The Mic A Heads Towards The Ring.

Larry Robinson:Oh Man...Their You Have It Folks Up Next Stealthy Vs J Mysterio! This Should Be Very Interesting.

The Camera Fades


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Stealthy Vs J Mysterio Tuesday Night at The Asylum Empty Re: Stealthy Vs J Mysterio Tuesday Night at The Asylum

Post  J Mysterio on Tue Feb 10, 2009 9:03 pm

Stealthy is making his way through the backstage area when J Mysterio rushes up to say something.

J:"From what I just heard you are pretty confident about tonight."

Stealthy:"Yes, I am confident and I should be."

J:"No, no you shouldn't be confident, you see you have just arrived in this fed right, and your already running your mouth about how great you are. This is one of your first matches and your up against someone who has seen it all in this fed, underdogs coming out on top in very important matches and the like, you have barely enough in-ring experience to face me. Good luck out there, you'll need it. Thanks for your time."

J walks off to the ring.
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