Final step to glory

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Final step to glory Empty Final step to glory

Post  Guest on Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:25 pm

Killer Nurse sits once again in the gym taking a break from training,he thinks about the final coming up....

At Heaven or hell i will face Mr.Fantastic who got a lucky win over young Tommy Hart so my task is quite simple get revenge for Tommy to kinda even the score.
If i can't pin or make him tap i will crush him so badly with my chair he will never want to face me again.....

It's the medicine that he deserves ha ha and he will get somehow.

Killer stand's up picks up his weapon of choice and pounds the sand bags with authority as the camera zoom's in on the bag's we can spot a photo of Mr.Fantastic taped onto them

As the camera fade's out Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath can be heard amongst pounding noise's


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