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New Champs

Post  Manson O'Gara on Fri Feb 13, 2009 8:36 pm

As expected, 0dysseu5 and manson o'gara are hitting the clubs hard after becoming the new tag team champions. Both are dressed to impress, and are wearing the title belts around their waists. Also as expected, neither have any regard to a "limit" on how much they drink, and because of this, they are both absolutely plastered.

Manson: I can honestly say we have worked hard and deserve these titles! In the ring last night we were like machines! Big wrestling machines! I have to tell you my friend that if I was going to win a title at some point, I am glad that I won the tag titles with someone I regard as a close friend in the wrestling buisness.

although he is talking like he is sober, O'Gara doesnt realise he is talking to a statue.

Manson: do you agree with me O.D. We won the titles? I thought you'd be a bit more active tonight! Ah well, can't say you dont deserve the rest... you trained hard, and Im proud of you

0dysseu5 walks over carying two drinks.
0.D.:who you talking to?

Manson: O.D, I'd like you to meet 0dysseu5. He's my tag partner!...wait how are you both there and there?

0dysseu5:I'l explain it to you later, but first can I introduce you to these two lovely ladies, who noticed us due to the golden belts we are carying. I tell you what manny, I could get used to being at the top!

Manson: Me too, me too... To Rock O.D!
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The Choices....

Post  tsikenonwaristak on Sat Feb 14, 2009 4:33 am

We see the camera open on three figures and it's the Underdogs. DoC is leaning quietly watching Tsi and Tom sitting on opposite sides of the floor. DoC wipes his forehead with the towel. The atmosphere is so quiet that we can hear deep breathing from both wrestlers.

DoC: (signing/talking) Guys, Both of you gave it your best but as we know. Rock OD was more hungry for the titles. My question is simple. What do you want to do from there?

Tsi and Tom looks at their mentor quietly and at each other. The moment became still before Tsi signed something while DoC nodded while Tom was trying to figure out what Tsi just said.

Tom: Hey boss! Sorry I couldn't grab what Tsi was flipping around even though we spent enough time together to work well as a team. Mind running me by what Tsi just told you?

DoC nods and spoke: Tsi wouldn't mind continuing as a tag team partner to you but he has his eyes set on singles titles too. He wonders if he will have a shot at Elodor and claim the title of the "Blood Warrior" since Elodor kept claiming "Your Blood will flow!" We will see what unfolds. See what our Top Boss has in mind for all of us. Tom nods quietly and goes deep in thought as the camera fades out.


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