Mask's Going Solo?

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Mask's Going Solo?

Post  Mask of Fury on Sun Feb 15, 2009 8:47 am

The season has ended and the superstars of the CWF are off either taking a well-deserved break or are touring the indys so their fans can get another chance to see them wrestle on a smaller scale. The Asylum is dark as the cleaning crew goes through the arena to make everything spotless in time for the upcoming season as a handful of construction workers improve the Asylum to allow for more fans to come and to allow the Management Planner to make more money. The rest of the Asylum is empty from the ring announcers and interviewers to the top stars of the CWF, even the boss is off on a nice vacation after a successful win at Heaven or Hell, but there is one exception. Mask of Fury and Rey Maestro walk around the empty arena silently. The latest defeat is their topic of conversation.

Rey speaks, "Mask, mi amigo, I know it was a tough loss, but it is not a setback. You can regain that title if you train harder than ever. But I have taken you as far as I can. You were successful without me before and you will be again. Starting this season."

The usually silent Mask looks awkwardly at Rey and replies, "What do you mean?"

"I am leaving for Mexico before the season starts. I have to go home and take care of mi familia and I am going to open a school to train the next generation of luchas. I hope you understand."

"Yo comprendo, amigo. This will be a new chapter in my life. The world will see a new side of fury. When do you leave?"

"Three days. I hope you will come visit if you're ever in the area. It will be like the good, old days when you came down to Mexico for training the first time."

"Yes, its been quite a ride for me, from the US, down to Mexico, across the Pacific to Japan, back to the States, pit stops in Canada, the UK and other parts of Europe, before coming back home and then joining up with the CWF. And now I need to find a new purpose in the CWF."

"I have no doubts you will rise to the top once again. I will follow your story while in Mexico."

"Its time the CWF is put on warning. A new purpose, a new look. Its time to for Fury to be unleashed once again. Fury is on its way back to to strike fear in the hearts of my opponents. Fury is no longer on the horizon, Fury has arrived!!

The two continue to tour the silent arena as they reminiscence about the beginning of their tenure together.

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