Redneck gets treated to the Rock Star Review

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Redneck gets treated to the Rock Star Review Empty Redneck gets treated to the Rock Star Review

Post  Manson O'Gara on Mon Feb 16, 2009 5:06 pm

Carson: for all the fans watching at home we bring you now to a new segment of the show, The Tuesday Night Rock Star Review, where stars of Classic Wrestling will be interviewed on their lives and their past and future matches, by none other than Classic Wrestling’s own, Manson O’Gara.
Robson: O’Gara has taken a keen interest on the lives of his fellow wrestlers. I can’t help but wonder if he is up to something, or whether he genuinely is just up for an interview or two.
Carson: Whatever is happening he has got the backing of The Management Planner, so I guess we will be running with it for a while.

The ring is set up, luxury sofa in the middle, bouncer by the ropes, and an electric guitar is standing in the corner. There is also a mini bar, loaded with bottles.

The lights go down around the arena and Bliss by Muse starts to play. Fireworks bang by the stage and a massive series of flames go off from the ring posts. Underneath them Manson O’Gara is stood playing along to bliss on the electric guitar.

O’Gara: Ladies and Gentlemen, Rock stars and Rock Chicks! I welcome you all to my show, the Rock Star Review. Tonight on the show I am interviewing a man who some say has fallen from the top spot. He is one of the longest serving members of Classic Wrestling, and considering this is my debut show there was no better person for me to bring out here, than the one, the only, The Mad Redneck!

garth brooks' "thunder rolls" begins to play
lightning begins flashing over the titan tron
The Mad Redneck makes his way to the ring
wearing his usual bib overalls and work boots, but now carrying his infamous bloody towel in his back pocket.
smoke rolls to the ring

The mad redneck climbs up into the ring, and walks over to O’Gara. Manson stretches out a hand, and the two have a quick handshake, before redneck sits down on the sofa. O’Gara picks up his microphone.

O’Gara: First of all let me say that it is an honour having you be the first person to sit on the sofa.
The crowd chear
Mr Redneck, we all know you as a veteran here in the ranks at Classic wrestling, but now that you have been pushed from the top spot where do you see yourself moving?

Redneck: True, I have been around the game for awhile now. I am not the only one though. Many of us broke in around the same time. As far as where I see myself moving. You never know. I will one day want the Heavyweight title back, but for now Elodor can enjoy his reign. It just goes to show you that anyone can be beaten on any given night. That is why we train so hard.

O'Gara: How long do you recon Elodor's title reign will last? For me he came out of nowhere and got the title, do you think he will hold onto it for a while?

Redneck: He did come out of nowhere. He stepped up when his number was called and took full advantage of his opportunity. How long will his title run last? That is a question that we will have to see. It is easier to be the hunter than to be the hunted. Every night is a fight, and my advice to him is to always be ready.

O'Gara: So what about your past life? Where were you born?

Redneck: Born? Don’t you now that all rednecks are hatched. Seriously though I was born and raised in the hills between North Carolina and Tennessee.

O'Gara: Hatched? I did not know that! So who was your inspiration growing up?

Redneck: My inspiration growing up was my father. Through his hard work he raised us kids. In the wrestling world though I would have to say that I looked up to Ric Flair, for his longevity and ability to always put on a good show.

O'Gara: If you weren’t a wrestler what job would you have?

Redneck: I would be a farmer, and hunting guide. Those are my passions away from wrestling.

O'Gara: One of the most feared moves here at Classic Wrestling is the Iron Skillet. Where did you come up with it?

Redneck: It kind of came about working on the farm. I used to watch my dad and uncles wrestle pigs to get them ready for market. The name comes from the big frying pan that my mom used to fry chicken in on Sunday’s.

O'Gara: Which legend from the past would you like to wrestle?

Redneck: I would love to have had the chance to wrestle Stone Cold Steve Austin, simply because he likes a good fight like I do.

O'Gara: Red, now that you are out of the running for the title, and Planner has taken your place, when do you next see yourself going for another title?

Redneck: I am not out of the running I am just delayed in getting the title back. You never know. I may just get back together with my original tag partner and shake Rock OD up a bit, and chase the tag titles.

O’Gara chuckles nervously
Given that you have just lost two important matches in a row, can you see yourself getting back on the horse and continuing a winning streak or do you think this is the start of the end for Classic Wrestling's favoured champion?

Redneck: Never the end, just a new beginning. I now get to become the hunter, and it actually feels good to let someone else carry the torch for awhile, but if things get out of hand I will step in and take back what is mine.

O’Gara nods his head and gets back up. Thanks for the interview, help yourself to my mini-bar. Your payment will come through...eventually eherm...O’Gara coughs and rolls out the stage.
Thanks for viewing this week’s segment of the Rock Star Review. Tune in next week for another Classic Wrestling Superstar!
The lights go down around the arena and Bliss by Muse starts to play, as the crowd continue to applaud Redneck as he also leaves the ring
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