The first look- Mark Mavrick

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The first look- Mark Mavrick Empty The first look- Mark Mavrick

Post  Guest on Tue Feb 17, 2009 4:42 am

camera catches Mark sitting on a folding chair in the corner of the locker room...the light flickering above him.
interviewer :why hello mark we seem to be having some lighting difficulties i see (chuckles softly)
[color=darkred][/color ]Mark: not really......
interviewer: well um (bewildered) are you excited about your first match here in the CWF
( Mark looks up puzzled) Mark: excited?......
interviewer: well yes mark most would descrobe the feeling as excited maybe even nervous
Mark: o .....thats what that is......
interviewer: how do you plan on getting ahead in the big match?
( mark again looking puzzled) Mark: why are you here?
interviewer: um well its my job you have any ideas
(mark slaps the interviewer) Mark: yeah find a new job ( mark walks away with no remorse in his cold blue eyes)
(camera points away and we here in the backround) Who hired this guy?! He's insane! Get somebody else when you wanna talk to him..


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