Rock O.D. to defend the title against the former champs

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Rock O.D. to defend the title against the former champs

Post  Manson O'Gara on Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:06 pm

O'Gara and 0.D. are sat in the bar backstage watching the Wrestling Highlight Show, and are particularly enjoying the highlights of Rock O.D. vs Underdogs at the Pay-Per-View.

O'Gara: We came a long way from last season, we were made to look weak, but now we look strong.
0.D. Amen to that!

On the show 0dysseu5 hits a high impact Trojan horse on tom dudley. Manson cringes.

O'Gara: I remember when you got me with one of them in training, it's not a favoured memory of mine!

O.D. laughs to himself and has a bit of his drink.

Comentator: And here we have it! New champions! Team Rock O.D. are the new champions!

O'Gara and 0.D. clap drinks together,

Comentator: I look forward to the start of the season, where the underdogs get to prove their worth, by using the rematch clause they earned by holding onto the title for as long as they did.

O'Gara gets up off his seat.

O'Gara: We have to fight them again?

Comentator: This match is only fair, it will determine who truely deserves the title. The winning pair will have won best 2 out of 3.

0.D. We have only just got the titles and we are defending them already?
O'Gara: Put down your drink. We have serious training to do!
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