The GM has a new apprentice...

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The GM has a new apprentice... Empty The GM has a new apprentice...

Post  The Management Planner on Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:21 pm

Mr Fantastic is sitting outside The Management Planner's office on a leather sofa. The door to the GM's office opens, and Tits McGhee steps out of the room, looking slightly flushed.

Tits: "Mr Fantastic, the General Manager will see you now."

With a slightly hesitant step, Mr Fantastic walks past the GM's assistant and into his office, where he is confronted with the sight of the GM hastily pulling his shirt and tie on!

Planner: "Sit down, and say nothing."

Mr Fantastic stares at Planner for a moment, wishing he had a physique like that of The Boss. But it's a moment too long in the GM's eyes...

Planner: "Don't make me tell you again boy. Sit down right now and listen to what I have to say!"

Rather than further upset his employer, Mr F takes a seat opposite Planner at his desk.

Planner: "You've caused me no end of trouble kid. You cost me my shot at Tag Team gold in the Tag Team Turmoil tournament. You somehow cheated me out of my rightful win inside that Steel Cage - which we are not done with yet - and then cost me my first choice apprentice, killer nurse.

"Not only that, but you've been consistently out-performing the real stars of Tuesday Night at The Asylum. Tommy Hart, J Mysterio, Steven, killer nurse - they're all better than you, yet somehow you're sat here before me, as my Apprentice. So...

Planner opens up a file on his desk and turns it around to face Mr Fantastic.

Planner: "Here is the contract. You will wrestle exclusively on Tuesday Night at The Asylum, until I say otherwise. Your pay remains the same. You receive the same merchandise rights as before. But you have a guaranteed job until the next Apprentice tournament - which won't be for another six months - and you have my personal support in all things you do."

Mr Fantastic looks incredulously at Planner. Surely his effort in winning the Apprentice tournament wasn't wasted?

Planner: "I know what you're thinking - what does this change? You already have all those benefits, besides my support, and you probably don't want that.

"But I can assure you, you will need my support. See, before we get down to the basics of management, you're going to have to prove to me that you're worthy. Winning a tournament means nothing - anything can happen on the night. We're going to put you through your paces, and if you come through this test? Well, we'll call things even between us..."

Mr Fantastic picks up the pen and signs Planner's contract.

Mr F: "But..."

Planner: "But what? Have you changed your mind?"

Mr F: "No, but..."

Planner: "No but what? Kid, this is a great opportunity for you. And your training will start tonight...with a Steel Cage match against Andre Benoit! Now get the hell outta my office - meeting adjourned!"

Mr Fantastic looks stunned as Tits McGhee comes into the office and escorts him out. What a first day in the office for Mr Fantastic!

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