He's back!! Better then ever!!!!

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He's back!! Better then ever!!!! Empty He's back!! Better then ever!!!!

Post  Cso Hardy on Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:25 pm

Wild Bill with a cameraman is going to the gym looking for Hardy.......

WB: Hey Hardy!!! I heard your back but I couldn't believe it!!

Hardy: Well get use to it because I'm not going to leave very soon.

WB: So how is your neck? What the doctors say??

Hardy: My neck is in a better shape then ever.. Where was broken are introduced 3 titanium bolts to hold everything together.... My doctor said that I could begin training and soon I could do some wrestling.....

WB: You got a match against the Belfast Destroyer very soon... Are you going to be up for it??

Hardy: I'm not ready 100% but I'll give my best to defeat him...

WB: What are your thoughts on Bliss and elodor??

Hardy: Elodor is a great wrestler, he deserves to be the champ..He isn't a paper champion. But I'm a little disapointed in Bliss.. He misunderstood me and because of that I've got 3 bolts in my neck.....

WB: What do you think of La Meako???

Hardy: He is great....he has great wrestler abilities..but let safe it I'm better than him..I should be the no.1 contender!!!!!!!

WB: Thanks for your time Cso Hardy..Now I let you back to your training.....

The camera fades away.....
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