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Post  Mask of Fury on Sat Feb 21, 2009 6:07 am

Mask of Fury is walking around near the locker rooms, surveying the area. "Wild" Bill catches up with him and asks, "Mask, I heard that Rey Maestro has left the CWF. What can you tell us about his departure?"

"Hey Bill, you know, you shouldn't just run up to people and start asking questions, there are so volatile people here in the CWF. Yes, Rey has returned to Mexico to train the next generation of lucha libre stars. I can see you've got another question coming, but let me say it was a great opportunity for him to go and though it will be a little odd not having Rey in my corner physically, I still have all the knowledge he has taught me over the years, so I will be fine without his support."

"OK, well what brings you to the Asylum on a Tuesday night? You're not on the card."

"No, not on the card, but I am still a member of this company. The Asylum is my home right now. Whenever there is a match, I will be here, regardless of if I am in it or not. I will always be around to watch the younger guys on the roster, as well as keeping my eyes on the ones that think they own the place."

"Before you go, one last thing, can I have yer thoughts for your rematch for the Asylum Title?"

"Ah, Bill, I thought you'd never ask! That title, the title of the fans, is one I was proud to wear. For two seasons I donned that belt with honor and had the support of the Asylum the entire time. Now it lies around the waist of the Apache Nightmare. The only Nightmare around here is the fact that he needs to be in a different state of mind before he gets into that ring. I guess he gets his nickname from the displeasure the fans get while watching him stumble around the ring. Now Bill, thats a nightmare. But I give him credit he managed a win over me, but on Thursday that changes. Soma, Thursday night, I hope you're prepared. Get hopped up on your peace pipe and bring your tomahawk, 'cuz this Fury is on its way!!" Mask walks off as "Wild" Bill looks to be in awe.

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