Redneck Breaks His Silence

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Redneck Breaks His Silence

Post  The-Mad-Redneck on Mon Feb 23, 2009 4:39 am

The Mad Redneck awaits "Wild" Bill to make his way to his dressing room. He is sitting and listening to some AC/DC when there is a knock at the door.

The Mad Redneck: Come on in Bill.

"Wild" Bill come into the room followed by his cameraman.

"Wild" Bill: Hey Red. I know you asked for this interview. You have been quite silent lately. What gives?

All of a sudden there is another knock at the door. But this knock is not a knock, it is more of someone pounding on the door.

The Mad Redneck: Excuse me a moment Bill.

Redneck opens the door to find Bill Colt stannding there with an odd piece of paper.

Bill Colt: You think this is funny do you?

The Mad Redneck: Find what funny? If I knew what the heck you were talking about I could answer your question.

Bill Colt: You had your bill from your hospital stay sent to me. You think that funny do you?

The Mad Redneck: I never had any bill sent to you. I suggest you go and find the pratical jokers of the CWF. That would be Rock OD. If anyone is capable of such as that they are, but I suggest if you are headed to accuse them you better bring along a partner. I already told you we will settle our differences in the ring. That is where I do my talking. Now I am conducting an interview so excuse yourself and find the person who did that.

The Mad Redneck closes the door, leaving Bill Colt still fuming over the bill.

The Mad Redneck: Sorry about that Bill, where were we? Oh yes My silence. I have not had much to say. I am currently on the longest losing treak of my career. What is there to say. Elodor beat my and took MY TITLE. The I turn around and lose to that schmuck Planner. Nice plan by him. He schedules me in a No. 1 contenders match when he knew I was hurt. He knew that he coudln't beat me fair and square. He has never beaten me 1 on 1 in a fair fight, but that will be for another time. Now he has an Apprentice I hear. I will tell you one thing Mr. Fantastic. If you get involved in mine and Planner's never ending feud then I will drop you too. I will take Planner out once again, but my focus has to be on tjamp tonight. He is one of the toughest in the CWF. He could literally end my career tonight. I am still not 100% from last season, but all my fans knwo me too well. I will always be ready for a good fight. I will take on any one anytime 100% or not.

"Wild" Bill: Bill Colt seems a bit steamed at the hospital bill he got. Just between me and you did you send it to him?

The Mad Redneck: No. I would not stoop to that to get a rise out of him. I would meet him face up and slap the taste out of his mouth if I wanted his attention. After I finish with tjamp tonight Bill Colt will get my full attention, if he so desires it.

"Wild" Bill: There have been rumors in the back that you may inquire about re-uniting your tag team and chasing the tag team gold?

The Mad Redneck: Well, at the moment my plate is full, but you never know. I may ask Patriot to team up again and go for the gold. In fact, I'll tell you what if Patriot is watching this, it would be my honor if I could count on you again and go for the gold, when I am finished with tjamp tonight and Bill Colt afterward. Well, Bill I think I have said enough. I need to get ready for my match.

As Bill and his cameraman are getting ready to leave there is another knock at the door.

(OOC: Bill I will leave this door open for you to add to if you so desire. It would be a good way to start our feud after our Thursday matches)

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