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Post  Mr. Fantastic on Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:50 pm

(Mr. Fantastic gazes into the camera intently)

I am here today to state the progess I have made to you Planner. I begin a new journey today. This new journey rightfully requires you to take me under your wing and be my mentor. Sure I messed up your well set plans of having Killer Nurse as your student and I could have let him win but lying down isn't exactly my style. I know how your mind works!

When I came to the CWF last October, I didn't have many friends and I hated my boss. As I stand here today nothing has changed, But when you signed me back in October, it was clear to me you saw something you could care for and grow into your heir to the throne. I believe that has changed! When I beat you back on Christmas Day in that cage, I smelt fear. You began to realize that instead of being molded into your personal prodigy and continuing your legacy. I had become better than you. I had become the man you strived to be. I had become an improvement on the original.

And now?... You have me in a cage against Andre Benoit! You couldn't stop me what makes you think he will. I sense you know this too. I will be the first to promise that I will be the young lion to rip that torch from your hands and even with all your aces, force you to take your ball and go home!
(steps away to gather his thoughts)
Tonight with all you plan on putting me through I will continue to show...

I'm not great... I'm FANTASTIC

The young lion coming Planner... you better watch your back

(Mr. F continues walking)

OOC: Sorry this is a little late/rushed, tough week in my life

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