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Post  Mask of Fury on Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:31 pm

"Wild" Bill catches up with Mask of Fury walking through the hallways in the backstage area. "How y'all doing Senor Mask? Can I ask you some questions?"

Mask is standing at the bottom of the stairs that lead up to the rafters. "Haha, hey Bill. I see you're practicing your Spanish, not too bad, let me help you a little since I spent a lot of time down in Mexico I learned the language pretty quickly. Now, you said senor, which is pretty close but its señor. And fire away with your questions."

"Ah, ok, thanks, I'll try to remember that, anyway, you've got a big match against Somakawahho tonight. Can you let us in on your gameplan?"

"Hmm, gameplan. I should think I've got one, what was it, oh yea, I am going to go out there and his tail around the Asylum. When this match is over, Soma is going to look like a piñata after every kid got his turn."

"So you're looking to get your title back?"

"It would be nice, wouldn't it? I am going to that ring tonight to put Soma in his place. After tonight he is going to look like a nightmare every time he looks in the mirror. But tonight its for the fans. Tonight I go out there give the fans that razzle-dazzle wrestling they can expect each and every time they see Fury in the ring. Oh yes, Soma, Mr. Apache Nightmare. Stagger your way down to the ring, bring your tomahawk, and make sure the spirits are on your side, 'cuz Fury is on its way! The screen fades as Mask and "Wild" Bill part ways.

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