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Post  Tom Dudely on Mon Feb 23, 2009 11:42 pm

The scene opens on Tom Dudely walking down the hall. He turns a corner and bumps into Alyssa Tyler, Tom catches her before she can fall. Alyssa is set up for an interview.

Alyssa: Hey, Tom, just the guy I wanted to see!

Tom: Aww... I'm sure you say that to all the wrestlers.

Alyssa's face turns slightly red.

Alyssa: I'm wondering how you and Tsikenonwaristak are doing now that you've suffered your first loss as a team.

Tom: Well, I can't say that it's all been Hunkey Dorey. We've been butting heads a little in training. We're still a team though and we're going to get our titles back this Thursday.

Alyssa: What do you mean that you've been butting heads?

Tom: Well... I don't think that's anything important. It's just difficult to communicate sometimes with his disability. We'll get through it. I've gotta go hit the weight room. Good luck with your interviews today.

Tom walks away down the hall.

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