The GM and Mr F are planning for the future

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The GM and Mr F are planning for the future Empty The GM and Mr F are planning for the future

Post  The Management Planner on Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:26 pm

The Management Planner and Mr Fantastic are drinking champagne in a jacuzzi - along with a bevvy of beautiful young blondes...

Planner: "I tell ya something F, I've been comin' to the same party for 13 years and it never gets tiring. You gotta love the high-life!"

Mr F: "Boss, I have to say, I'm surprised I even got this far. You've put me through hell, and it's only been two days!"

Planner: "That's right boy, you gotta be pushed if you wanna succeed. I didn't get to where I am today without someone pushing me! It's the only way you learn!

"Now, onto business. You really impressed me last night. Not many people in the CWF could beat Andre Benoit, especially in a Steel Cage Match. You've got talent kid, and I'm gonna help you make the most of it."

Tits McGhee reaches around Planner and starts massaging his back.

Planner: "Oh yeah baby, that's right, that's the ticket...F, tonight you're gonna witness Perfection Personified in action. You're gonna see someone get beaten so badly by me that they'll wish they'd never been born. And as a gift to you, in recognition of your fine victory last night, I'm gonna let you choose my opponent. Better than that, I'm gonna make it an I Quit the CWF Match!"

Mr Fantastic seems to like the idea - he responds almost immediately, as Planner is lost in the moment...

Mr F: "There is someone who has been bugging me ever since you signed him. I choose...Mr Fogels!"

Planner: "Woah there. He's one of my biggest money makers. I've made thousands off his back. Besides, he's not even on the same show as you. Give me one reason why I should first beat, then fire, him?"

Mr F: "Not that you need a reason Boss, but I've got one for you anyway. See, there are too many Mr F's in the CWF. I'm sure you'll agree, we only need one Mr F, and that's the GM's new Apprentice. And I've achieved more in my career already than he ever will for you!"

Planner closes his eyes for a while. Mr Fantastic isn't really sure if it's because he's thinking about agreeing to Mr Fantastic's demand, or if he's just enjoying the attention from Tits. After a few minutes Planner responds to his apprentice.

Planner: "You make a good point kid. It's agreed. I'll beat Mr Fogels tomorrow night, and you'll be the only Mr F in the CWF. Also, I want you there at ringside, so you can see how a real man fights."

Mr Fantastic looks happy, and leans back to finally admire the view.

Planner: "One stipulation though...your next match will be a Ladder Match, against an opponent of Mr Fogels' choosing! Jacuzzi adjourned!"

Planner gets up and walks back into his mansion, closely followed by the girls. Mr Fantastic is left wondering what he did wrong...
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The GM and Mr F are planning for the future Empty Re: The GM and Mr F are planning for the future

Post  Bill Colt on Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:51 pm

OOC: This is actually meant to take place after all the other RPs, I'm thinking as a show closer or whatnot for the better impact.

* The camera shows Mr. Fogels packing things up after his match with The Management Planner, a grim look on his face as he stares at a future outside of the CWF. The door opens behind him and Bill Colt walks in, still holding the bill he'd received from the hospital concerning the injury he caused to the Mad Redneck. *

Bill Colt: I heard the news, and I'm sorry you had to go out this way.

Fogels: Not much I could do about it. I gave it my best though, I owed the fans that much.

Colt: Still, I have to think you want some measure of revenge against the man who put you in this spot.

Fogels: Mr. Fantastic? A little, maybe. What did you have in mind?

Colt: Have you chosen someone to face him yet?

Fogels: Not yet, in a rare moment of compassion he said I could give it to him tomorrow when I come to pick up my final paycheck.

Colt: Good, because I've done some digging and I've come to the conclusion that we can help each other out here. See, both TMP and the Mad Redneck insist that they didn't send this bill to me. Underhanded though they might be, they rarely find reason to lie. So that leaves just one more person with the ability to do something like that.

Fogels: The new Apprentice. So you want me to choose you as his opponent?

Colt: Ladder matches are my specialty. I can make him pay in ways you could only dream about.

Fogels: I'll give it some thought.

Colt: That's all I ask.

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