The Asylum Title...Will Be Mine

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The Asylum Title...Will Be Mine

Post  Chaotic Bliss on Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:31 am

Post match interview with Chaotic Bliss

WB: That was an impressive showing out there tonight for ....

<Chaotic Bliss gives Wild Bill a look that causes him to stop in mid sentence>

CB: ... I am in no mood for an interview, Bill. But I do have a message for the powers that be.

<Chaotic Bliss turns and faces the camera>

CB: I just left The Constrictor mid ring, lying in a pool of his own blood. This has become a common sight in the past few weeks as I have been crushing one opponent after another. I have been knocking off superstars at an alarmingly consistent basis. Despite all of my success it seems that "The Powers That Be" still do not think me worthy of a shot at the Asylum Title. The Mask Of Fury had his chance to reclaim the title and HE FAILED! Now it's time for him to back down and perhaps get back into the gym. Now it's time for some new blood to get their hands on the gold. Now it's time for Chaos to Rein! And have no doubt that the Rein Of Chaos is quickly approaching.


CB: So what do you say, Somahkawahho? Do you have what it takes to defend that title of yours from the likes of me?

<Chaotic Bliss glances back at Wild Bill then makes his way out of the room>

WB: Well ummm... I'm sure that "The Powers That Be" as well as Somahkawahho heard him loud and clear. And I'm sure that we won't have to wait long for their response. Whatever that may be.
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