Beginning of the End?

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Beginning of the End?

Post  Tom Dudely on Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:11 am

After their loss to Rock OD on Thursday Night Brawl, Tom Dudely and Tsikenonwaristak are found backstage. Tom is clearly agitated. Doc is translating for Tsi.

Tom: What the hell happened out there? We had Rock OD beat! We should have our titles back right now. If it wasn't for you being deaf maybe you would have heard me screaming for your help.

Tom's insult offends Tsi. He starts rapidly signing to Doc.

Doc (Talking/Signing): Tsikenonwaristak says that you shouldn't have been in that predicament anyway. He single handedly had Rock OD on the ropes and you were just supposed to mop up. You lost the match on your own.

Tom: I LOST IT!? I've been carrying this team from day one. I'm tired of having to work harder just to make up for your 'handicap'. It's time that we find out who the better Underdog is.

Tsi just nods in agreement.

Tom: I'm sure the boss will agree with it. I'm going to go talk to him right now. At the Pay-Per-View we will do Tom Dudely vs Tsikenonwaristak, one on one.

Tom walks off down the hall toward MP's office. Tsi and Doc are left to talk amongst themselves in the hall.

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Post  tsikenonwaristak on Sat Feb 28, 2009 2:20 am

As the cameras showed the fans what happened between Tsi and Tom Dudley. When Tom left the scene. Tsi sighs quietly and glanced at DoC before he suddenly gasped and groaned involuntarily before falling forward with a heavy thud and his body spasdomically began shaking uncontrollably. DoC rushed to his side trying to revive him with repeated shakes and trying to get Tsi to wake up and regain his senses before we know it. DoC was sent flying from the body of Tsi. Flashes of orange electricity kept flashing out from Tsi as we record the unholy screaming of Tsi flailing involuntarily and smashing the concrete floor. All is quiet afterwards and one of the camera focused on DoC groaning while sitting up rubbing his head.

(OOC: feel free to join in anytime and make comments to this situation. We'll respond accordingly. FYI Tsi had another stats reset so he's experiencing a sudden change of chi energy)


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