Mr. Fantastic Vs Stealthy Ladder Match

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Mr. Fantastic Vs Stealthy Ladder Match

Post  Guest on Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:19 pm

The Camera Fades In To See Alyssa Back Stage Standing Next To Stealthy.Alyssa Begins The Interview.

Alyssa:Stealthy You Have A Ladder Match Against The Apprentice Champion.. Mr. Fantastic At Tuesday Night At The Asylum March 3rd Whats Your Thoughts On Your Upcoming Match Against The Champion?

Stealthy: My Thoughts? My Thoughts Is This...Mr. Fantastic Your Days Around Here Running Around Pretending To Every One That Your A True Champion....Pal Ive Seen Better In My Days Thats For Sure...Tuesday Night..At The Asylum Im Going To Show You What A Real Man Is...Im Gonna Show The CWF And The World That Your A Paper Champion...Nothing More And Nothing Less!

Alyssa:With All Do Respect Stealthy I Dont Think Mr. Fantastic Is A Paper Champion! His Talent And Skills In The CWF Makes Him One Of The Top Stars Here...After All He Is The Champion! Do You Think You Might Be Underestimating Him A Little?

Stealthy: No...Alyssa Its Like This... Look At Me...Dont I Have A Look That Makes You Wanna Scream For Joy? And Right Now Your Feeling A Rush Up Your Spine...Just Because Your Standing Next To Me. Come On Admit It...

Alyssa: Come On Stealthy Lets Get Back To The Point......

Stealthy: Baby...Woooooo! Im Always On Point...Look... Its Like This.. Im Not Worried About That Paper Champion...Because Im The Real Man...And I Dont Care About That Little Guy Who Calls Himself The Apprentice Champion!...Because I Know He Cant Beat Me! Plane And Simple Baby Doll....

Alyssa:Ok...First Of All Stealthy Please Dont Call Me Baby Doll....And Second... Mr. Fantastic Is Far From Being A Paper Champion! After All... Like I Said He Is A Top Star Here At CWF And He Has Proven He Can Hold His Own In The Ring.Thats Why He Is The Apprentice Champion!

Stealthy:Nope! Your Wrong Sweet Heart...Mr. Fantastic Is Weak And I Am Strong...He Is A Loser And I Am A Winner...Mr. Fantastic Is Nothing More Than A Chump Who Pretends To Be Great! I Am Great...So Listen Up Baby Doll The 3rd Im Gonna Prove It To You And To The World...That Im The Biggest Star CWF Has...And When It Comes Down To It... Im The Real Man And The Future CWF Heavy Weight Champion! And Honey When I Beat That Loser In The Middle Of The Ring... You Will Call Me Big Daddy! Woooooooooo...It's Party Time!

Stealthy Walks Off And Leaves Alyssa Standing Their With A Foul Look On Her Face.

Alyssa: Well Their You Have It Folks...Mr. Fantastic Vs Stealthy March 3rd Tuesday Night at The Asylum
This Will Be A Ladder Match And Its Going To Be Very Interesting Indeed.....What A Jerk!

The Camera Fades.


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