Chilling Backstage with the boss

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Chilling Backstage with the boss

Post  Guest on Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:15 pm

Kip is wandering the halls of Classic Wrestling Federation. He is carrying a massive gym bag, and a key for a locker.

Kip: so this is where legends are born?

he does a spin, taking in the atmosphere. He looks down the coridoor and spots Manson's locker room. A big star with "manogre" written on it catches his eye.

Kip: one day I'l work my way to success, first I have to get to knowing where I am. Hey thats!

he spots 0dysseu5 and walks over, 0dysseu5 pushes him out the way, saying "not today newbie, got training to do!"

Kip, a little deflated kind of understands. He has training to do too.

He opens the door to a massive office entitled "BOSS"

Planner: excuse me? who are you?

Kip: I erm, I'm the new guy, Kip? You got a recomendation from my half brother to wrestle here for you?

Planner looks at some notes, then looks up.

Planner: your kip? I thought you'd be a little bit taller, a little bit...more built.

Kip looks embarrassed,

Planner: but I guess we always have room for a newbie. I take it Manson has shown you around?

Kip: he did, but I kind of wasn't paying much attention.

Planner: youth of today...*sighs* OK kid I like your honesty but your going to have to get to grips with whats happening or you'l be out of here before I buy my next suit.
kip nods

Planner: people generaly hang around in the main locker room, meet up with people in there and try and learn something. It's a sink or swim busness, and unfortunately for you, your currently at the bottom kid...


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