Bonebreaker Bill

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Bonebreaker Bill

Post  Guest on Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:43 pm

Steven is wandering aimlessly around the arena when he bump's into Bobby his new manager

Bobby look's at Steven and shake's his head in disgust....

Come on kid liven up i know you lost last week but now your in with Tommy and The Mechanic thing's will soon get back on track,relax you have a match tonight with Bonebreaker Bill

Steven just look's puzzled and start's mumbling....

I thought i might have got fired after i lost so badly,it was all my fault too i got pinned as good old Hippo wannabe god has broadcasted to the world

Bobby just stare's in disbelief at Steven...

Wow kid you sure do have it bad,all you did was lose a tag match protecting your partner who can't win a match to save his life.Now go and get ready for your match,don't let me down tonight.

With that Steven walk's away to prepare


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