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The Nacho Liberator

Post  eddie.hawkins on Tue Mar 03, 2009 6:22 pm

Wild Bill approaches Eddie's locker following the sounds crunching and slurping. As he opens the door the cameraman focuses in on Eddie sitting around with a lot of servings of nachos, some eaten and some uneaten. Eddie looks up after taking a bite with cheese smeared around his mouth.

WB: "Eddie? What in the world are you doing?"

Eddie begins to talk but nachos start spraying out of his mouth so he takes a moment to chew and swallow.

EH: "Planner said that I was to liberate the nachos, so I have liberated the nachos... well, almost. There are a lot more to go. Want some?"

WB: "Eddie... Planner put you up against Nacho "The Lightning" Libre. He is a member here at the CWF."

EH: "Seriously? Thank goodness... I was starting to get sick from eating all these nachos. You know, I think I remember the guy. Oh yeah, he carries around large bills in his wallet that are pesos or something. Did you know that they're not worth anything? Probably why I forgot about him. Hey... Where is Allysa?"

WB: "Eddie, look I just do as I'm told. I was told to interview you again for your match."

EH: "Yeah yeah yeah... look I guess... ugh... I... I... I don't feel so good. I'm gonna beat him into... guh... the mat... too many nachos..."

Eddie runs off to the bathroom looking a little green.

WB: "Well, there you have it. I guess if Eddie can find his way to the ring after that mess he promises to beat Nacho 'The Lightning' Libre into the mat. If he makes it back... Are you OK Eddie? Eddie?"

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