On His way to the Ring

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On His way to the Ring

Post  The-Mad-Redneck on Thu Mar 05, 2009 6:47 am

"Wild" Bill catches up to The Mad Redneck leaving his dressing room headed to the ring for his match against The Constrictor.

"Wild" Bill: Hey red got a minute befoer your match?

The Mad Redneck: Sure as always.

"Wild" Bill: So, you have another match against a good technical wrestler tonight. How do you think you will fair?

The Mad Redneck: Well, as my fans knwo I have been suffering from some nagging injuries over the last few weeks, but they won't stop me only slow me down a bit. I will be ok and if I ever get over them ther will pain and suffering for all those who want a piece of me.

"Wild" Bill: Well, you know that X has challenged you to a match at the PPV for this season?

The Mad Redneck: Yeah I know he has. And I have though long and hard about it.If he wants a match he knows me well enough to know that I am always game. He can suffer the same fate as those before him. At the moment however I am focused on cleaning up some issues surrounding me in the CWF. First is Bill Colt. Planner has seen fit to let him off the hook. It is ok I know it is either Planner being his usual manipulative self or Colt hiding. Either way I will get my hands on him eventually. By the way I heard Colt spouting off about me not being able to count high enough to write out that bill he got. That may be true Colt, but I only have to be able to count to three here in the CWF, and hat is a number you will get used to. Because it will be a number you will hear every time you face me. Then it will be on to getting MY Title back from the person kind enoguh to hold it for me....Elodor. Keep it cleaned up for Elodor, and don't tarnish it.

"Wild" Bill: You alluded to the fact that you might be getting back with your old partner Patriot and chase the tag titles....any truth to that?

The Mad Redneck: Ther is, but it will have to wait until I take care of the issues in the CWF. You never know I may just have o become the first Duel Champ in the CWF. And yes Bill I know how to count to 2.

"Wild" Bill: Whoa, Duel Champ. You can't be serious. It would be too much for any person.

The Mad Redneck: Never know until you go for it. Well, Bill I hear the ring calling me. I am off to show Constrictor how we handle snakes on the farm.

"Wild" Bill: There you go. Words from Red on his journey. Now back to you guys at the snnounce table.

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