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Post  Mask of Fury on Thu Mar 05, 2009 7:31 am

A cameraman has stumbled upon Mask of Fury where he seems to have found a cozy spot up in the rafters, surveying the ring as the action below is exciting as always. He wonders to himself how to right his path after the recent losses to Somahkawahho and the departure of Rey Maestro. "There is a storm brewing here in the CWF. I need to find my place before that storm comes. I have traveled for so long and seen so much and now it is time to start anew. My title run is over, but in my heart and in the fans' hearts, I am the true champion, but I need to prove it to them and prove it to myself. Tonight I go to battle with the Trojan 0dysseu5. It will be a tough and hard-fought fight, hopefully I can slip in a few good moves to beat him. But win or lose, I need to find a new purpose here in the CWF. I must start a journey to find that purpose. But tonight, before that journey begins, I will unleash fury on Ithaca's King!" Mask continues to watch as the screen fades to black...

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