Rock Star Review week 3

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Rock Star Review week 3

Post  Manson O'Gara on Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:02 pm

Carson: yet again we are greeted by Manson O’Gara and his Rock Star Review of one of the superstars here at Classic Wrestling Federation.

Robson: O’Gara is starting to prove me wrong. So far he hasn’t shown any hidden agenda as to why he is doing this.

Carson: I have already told you, it’s because he wants the fans to get to know the superstars a little better!

Robson: I’m still keeping my eye out on him. But anyway, here we go, another Rock Star review is about to start.

The lights go down around the arena and Bliss by Muse starts to play. A few pyro’s go off around the ring, and then a massive firework goes off, underneath it O’Gara is playing his guitar for the fans.

Manson: Ladies and gentlemen, Rock Chicks and Rock Stars! I welcome you to the third Rock star review of the season!

The crowd cheer

Manson: This week I have a real treat for you all. This is a man who carries the flag of America...

The crowd cheer even louder at the sound of their home country

Manson:...he carries the flag of America in every match he fights, and you could say he is a patriot in more ways than one. Introducing for your viewing pleasure, the one, the only, THE PATRIOT!

The crowd get off their feet and applaud patriot.
Before I forget by slipknot starts to play, as Barrage of shots from a machine gun are heard over the arena
A clip is aired on the Titan Tron, showing some of the wrestler’s greatest victories and most powerful moves
The Patriot makes his way to the ring
wearing a camo army jacket with camo army pants and an American bandana with sun glasses
mounting a custom chopper
two Pyrotechnics red and blue, blow at each corner of the ring

Manson: Thank you for agreeing to come on my show tonight Patriot, I know you are very busy at the moment with training. Let’s press on! OK, as a wrestler here in Classic Wrestling Federation you obviously have a lot of tough competition. Who do you view as your toughest opponent to date?
Patriot: Thats tough to say since every match iv had has been a very tough one and I have to give everything in every match to win it.

Manson: What was it like tagging with Redneck during the tag tournament?
Patriot: I was grateful to have him as a partner and have him train me, he really taught me a lot and help me get a jump start to career here. Who knows we might be back at it again some time, I would certainly enjoy working with him again.

Manson: If I remember rightly you and Red definitely gave me and 0D a run for our money! I’d definitely look forward to the challenge of a rematch at some stage!
Patriot nods his head
Manson: Who was your inspiration to become a wrestler?
Patriot: No one really... I just got into this, and when I was just a little jobber starting out I was beating people that were supposed to be twice as good as me. I love beating the hell out of people and this is one way to do it legally. When I get up and train everyday it’s because I want to be the best and when I’m in the ring I want to just destroy my opponent no matter who the sorry soul is.

Manson: When you learned the skills of a wrestler, did you ever think you would reach the level you did?
Patriot: Learning the skills is not easy and I really didn’t think I could get to be one of the main event wrestlers on Tuesday nights. The CWF picked me up out of nowhere when I was a nobody and has helped me become the wrestler I am today, and I’m still growing and I’m not ready to say "ok this is the best I can be let’s just take it easy when I train, hell no when I hit the gym with Red or with if I’m by myself I do everything to get better.
Manson: What would you be if you weren’t a wrestler?
Patriot: I really don’t know, wrestling is all I know so that is tough to say. Maybe a soldier for the great country America.

Manson: Being from Manchester England I don’t understand the American pride as much as you Americans do. I was wondering why you love America so much?
Patriot: It’s the land of the free, a country where you can truly have a rags to riches story. I was certainly one of those people, When I was born I had nothing and growing up I made more enemies than friends and learned how to fight real quick, then when I was 16 I learned how to take my fighting skills and use them in wrestling, next thing I know I’m 21 years old and sign my first contract here in CWF. So I America because there is no place I think on earth where you can start out nothing and become something.

Manson: Which champion needs to be watching their back right now?
Patriot: If Red comes to me and says we really should go after the tag titles, I will take on the challenge, so I guess you!

Manson: Who do you usually expect to see in the crowd cheering you on during your matches?
Patriot: I expect to see the public; the people sat at home, the people from the land of America. What I expect them to do is to be as loud as the can chanting USA! USA! USA! (crowd joins pat in the chant) every match. The louder the chant the better I do.
Manson: Well Patriot I have to say thank you for your time, but that is all we have time for! Next week I will be reviewing another superstar from the CWF, so be sure to stay tuned!
Bliss by muse starts to play as Patriot and O’Gara leave the ring shaking hands.
Manson O'Gara
Manson O'Gara
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well done

Post  The Patriot on Sun Mar 08, 2009 8:23 pm

great job like u always do on ur rockstar reviews manson

The Patriot

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Re: Rock Star Review week 3

Post  Manson O'Gara on Sun Mar 08, 2009 9:37 pm

glad for the participation, they were good responces so it was easy to work with
Manson O'Gara
Manson O'Gara
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Re: Rock Star Review week 3

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