Kip's Big Debut

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Kip's Big Debut

Post  Guest on Sun Mar 08, 2009 9:58 pm

Kip is standing holding the matchcard for tonights show. He looks very edgy, and very nervous. Manson walks in, as Kip hides the matchcard behind his back.

Manson: what have you got there Kip? Don't tell me Elodor is sending you death threats because of me beating him on thursday! I don't understand why he has a beef with you because you were on comentary. Look if he is I'l have a word, we have mutual respect for each other and I'm sure he will listen to me...

Kip: It's the matchcard for tuesday. And Elodor hasn't got any problems with me any more, I can defend myself you know!

Manson: Ah the matchcard! You make it into the show yet? I remember when I first signed up for this wrestling federation back in England, and it took about 3 weeks before I got included. I trained realy hard for my match and got a real buzz from the experience!

Kip: How did you do?

Manson: Oh I got nailed by the guys finisher about five seconds in and had concusion for a month. But that's not the point!

Kip gulps realy loudly.

Manson: your first match should be about getting to grips with the ring, the atmosphere, and yourself. Master those three things and then you have your oponent to worry about. So who you fighting?

Kip: A guy called Jacob Sowers. Any advice?

Manson: I've never had the pleasure of wrestling him, so I can't give any tactics. All I will say is that you just need to get an early advantage, and not get carried away. Hit a Kip Flip and get the three count. None of this "I'm the Kip" nonsence I saw you do in training. You're wasting time if you taunt your opponent.

Kip: you play to the crowd all the time!

Manson: I've been here a long time...

Kip: OK, well thanks for the help, but I realy should be getting ready. I would realy apreciate it if you were at ringside!

Manson: another time Kip, I have a Rock Star Review to plan! Plus I owe planner about a thousand favours, and he wants me to get him a coffee while he watches the show, before every match starts. He also keeps making me come over whenever he feels "he is looking good" which is a bit of a pain. Anyways win or lose you are still my family, so I wish you all the best! Good luck!

With that, Manson leaves Kip to put on his wrestling atire...

The door swings open...

(Jacob if you want to add anything before the match this is your chance =D)


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