Pre-Match with The Mad Redneck

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Pre-Match with The Mad Redneck

Post  The-Mad-Redneck on Wed Mar 11, 2009 6:19 am

"Wild" Bill catches up with Redneck after a workout. He is sitting in the gym locker room fresh out of the sauna.

"Wild" Bill: Hey Red the sauna feel good?

The Mad Redneck: Sure did, Bill. The workout and the sauna felt good. I am getting better. I am back to about 95%. So that doesn't bode well for those that want to get in the ring with me.

"Wild" Bill: Speaking of the ring. You have to face off against Planner and Colt with Xecutioner as you partner. Your thoughts?

The Mad Redneck: My thoughts are this. I know that X will have my back. It may come down that we will face each other in a cage at the PPV. That will be a great match, bu we have to be o the same page during this match. If not, it could have a bad outcome. One or both of us could end up in the hospital. Planner and Colt are no slouches, but I have the opportunity to get the both of them. You can bet your bottom dollar that at some point in the match they will have the task of facing me, and I can promise you this they will suffer. Colt has managed to poke the big dog with a stick, and well Planner he just gets under my skin. I would love to get my hands around his throat and watch his eyes buldge.

"Wild" Bill: I know you and Planner have a long History. The question is will it ever end?

The Mad Redneck: Ever end. The only way that things between Planner and I will end is when one of us is retired, and then we will meet in our wheel chairs to beat the crap out of each other. It is a hate hate relationship. He clearly hates me, and all the fans know my feelings towards Planner.

"Wild" Bill: And what of Bill Colt?

The Mad Redneck: Colt let his ego get in the way of his better judgement. He tried to take me out, but to no avail. Colt you should have done a better job. You left me breathing, big mistake. Now you must pay for it. You wil feel the wrath of a man that loves to hurt and be hurt. I commend you for waking me up, but I pity you for it though. Planner has always been at the top of my list, but you Mr. Colt have managed to take that spot for the time being. That is until I am through with you. Now "Wild" Bill I am going to head to my room and rest. Well, relax with a cold beverage, and some mellow tunes. I am out.

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