Thu: Colt's deal with the GM

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Thu: Colt's deal with the GM

Post  Bill Colt on Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:12 pm

* Bill Colt walks into the GMs office. Planner is sitting at his desk in business casual, his hair wet from the hot tub and a towel draped around his shoulders. When he sees Bill he pushes a set of papers across the desk at him with a pen. *

Planner: Sign, initial, and date where necessary.

* Colt nods and goes through the motions, then hands the paper back to the GM. *

Planner: Congratulations, you've just gotten yourself into the #1 contender match for the Classic Heavyweight Championship at this season's Pay Per View.

Colt: Great, now who'm I facing?

Planner: That has yet to be decided. I think as a reward for what you've put him through I'm going to let Mr. F choose your opponent. I figure it's only fair, after all.

Colt: I guess that'll be alright. But I want you to know this: When you walk out of the Pay Per View with the title in hand, I'll be waiting. I already have issues with authority. Imagine how I'll be after you have complete control.

* Bill Colt walks about of the office as Planner pours himself another drink and smiles grimly at the departing superstar. *

Carson: Well, it looks like the mystery has been solved. Bill Colt struck a deal with The Management Planner to harass Mr. Fantastic, Planner's own apprentice, just so he could get involved in the #1 contender match at the next Pay Per View. I have to wonder why he didn't go all the way and ask to be declared the outright #1 contender?

Robinson: Our GM isn't stupid, he would never do something like that. It would lose too much revenue.

Carson: Still, it'll be interesting to see who Mr. F will choose as his opponent.

Robinson: I can tell you right now that it won't be Xecutioner or The Mad Redneck, as those two are scheduled to face each other at the Pay Per View already.

Carson: That doesn't leave very many options left, now does it?

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