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Post  Mask of Fury on Mon Mar 16, 2009 9:12 pm

"Wild" Bill is followed by a cameraman has he ascends the steps up to the rafters in search of Mask of Fury. Mask sees him and waves him over. Mask says, "Hey Bill your just in time, the next match is about to start. Take a seat, want some popcorn?"

"Uh, no thanks, Mask. What are you doing?"

"Scouting the competition. And looking to pick up anything I can. So what brings you up here, I know that you didn't want to just ask me what I'm doing."

"Just looking to get your thoughts on your upcoming tag match at the PPV?"

"Ah, yes, the PPV. You know Bill this will be my first CWF PPV that I am not in the Asylum Title match. Instead I team with la meako to go to battle against Cso Hardy and Liberty Rock. La meako and myself have tagged in the past, but I don't think Hardy and Liberty Rock have, so we should have a slight advantage there, but Liberty Rock has had success as a tag team wrestler with Soma, so it will be quite a contest."

"Have you and la meako discussed any strategy for the match yet?"

"We haven't talked too much, but we will be on the same page come Thursday. Now Bill, I'd like to watch this match and Jimbo is in the ring ready for the introductions."

"Wild" Bill says, "Thanks," and returns to the stairs of the rafters and makes his way down.

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Best Seat in the House Empty Re: Best Seat in the House

Post  Cso Hardy on Mon Mar 16, 2009 11:36 pm

A cameraman comes into the gym where Cso Hardy is training...

Hardy: This is it!!! The gathering of the best in the business!!! This is the PPV!!! I'm glad to say that I'm happy that I'm in it, I thought I never get on the match card after losing to la Meako in a tag team match!!! This is a pleasant surprise thanks to the GM!! Just like Mask said this is going to be a great match!! I hope that this match will be the best in the history of wrestling entertainment!!! The best in the industry is in one match, I can't see how could go wrong!!!
La Meako, Mask of Fury!!! Be ready because Cso Hardy and Liberty Rock is coming!!!! We will bring the roof down!!! I will give my best and I hope I'm not going to disappoint my fans!!!!!

The cameraman leaves the gym as Hardy resumes his hard training...
Cso Hardy
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